About Me


My name is Vontina, and I am a passionate entrepreneur and the creative mind behind In My Hands Handmade Crafts. At my business, I specialize in crafting exquisite fabric products that exude quality and craftsmanship. Some of my popular creations include cartonnage fabric boxes, handbags, tote bags, accessories, home decor items, and the exciting bag box subscription club.

My journey into the world of sewing began with a spark of inspiration from Nancy Zieman, whom I discovered on PBS. Captivated by her expertise, I decided to delve into sewing and purchased my first sewing machine, a Kenmore, after saving up enough money. With Nancy's guidance, I learned that dedicating just a small amount of time each day could lead to completing complex projects, such as a beautifully tailored jacket. As my skills grew, I expanded my horizons by sewing clothing for others, including a coworker's wedding dress.

While taking a break to pursue a master's degree, I found myself drawn back to my passion for creating stunning handbags. I invested time in studying other designers, refining my techniques, and perfecting the art of constructing well-structured handbags. In 2014, I proudly established In My Hands Handmade Crafts at the local artisan/farmers market, marking the official beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

Since then, my hard work and dedication have been recognized, and I've had the honor of being featured in the local newspaper. It has been a joy to share my handmade creations with the community, and I look forward to continuing to bring beauty and artistry to the world through In My Hands Handmade Crafts.


I am so grateful; I get to do what I Love!