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What comes with membership

  • Each shipment will include a pattern.
  • Each bi-monthly club features everything you need to finish the project.
  • Please note that if the shipping day lands on Saturday or Sunday, your shipment will be mailed on the following Monday, with the exception of holidays.

How it works:
The Bag Box Club automatically renews bi-monthly, subscribers will receive one package bi-monthly while a member of the club.

Cancellation Policy:
Bi-monthly you can cancel at any time.

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What Others Say About My Work

  • Melissa: Your work is outstanding precise and the fabrics you choose are stunningly beautiful!!!
  • Jamie: Beautiful!! You are so talented!
  • Lori: Awesome work!!!
  • Vivian: Thanks Vontina for paying attention to the details and making such beautiful, quality product.
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Shop Name History

In 2009, I attended morning prayer breakfast and the minister asked would anyone like prayer, I had been praying for some time for a financial blessing. As the minister came to me and prayed and went on to the next person. The minister backed up and asked me to raise my hands and looked me in the eyes.

In that profound moment, the minister conveyed from the divine to cease asking for a financial blessing because the LORD had already granted it to me. With conviction, the minister tapped both of my raised hands and reiterated the divine message, emphasizing that it was already "in your hands."

From that point forward, I dedicated myself to creating unique, handcrafted items with love and care. "In My Hands Handmade Crafts" became a place where the passion for crafting and the belief in the power of personal transformation converged. This online store name serves as a constant reminder of the journey and the faith-filled encounter that set me on this path of creativity and entrepreneurship.


Do you get to preview the bag patterns?

No, the pattern is a surprise to the club

Is this monthly?

No, this is bi-monthly club, giving you time to complete the project.

Bag be like a tote bag?

Possible as this is surprise the club offers many styles of bags.

Additional Accessories?

For now the only additional accessories will be offered during launch week.

How long does the club last?

When you the subscriber cancel.

Choice of fabrics?


Showing the bag pattern ahead of time?

No, the only bags that are being shown are mock-up samples to give you an idea.

Purchase without subscription?

Sorry, this particular offer is exclusive to our club members. However, our online store features a variety of other designs you might like. Also, keep in mind that past boxes from the subscription club will be made available for a limited time.

How much for shipping?

I worked hard to keep shipping at a low cost.

How much, the burning question?

Remember the cost is based on bi-monthly total cost $57.97